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The nation's highest elevation coffee shop at 10,172 feet.

The Zero Day Coffee storefront at 122 E. Seventh Street in Leadville, CO, sells single-origin roasts, matcha, chai, biodynamic wines, pastries and select mountain equipment from independent retailers.
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"A must visit when visiting Leadville! The coffee shop is so cute with a darling vintage look and antique chandeliers."

Heidi Hartman, Local Guide

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"Just voted the best coffee, friendliest staff, and best new business in Leadville two years in a row!"

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"Delicious coffee. Rad owners. Bomb space. Amazing community. Fav coffee shop in town!"

Sondra Funk

The Mountain Equipment Part

Hand-crafted ultralight mountain equipment


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We feature niche cottage-equipment brands
We want to carry the best of the best. Much of our equipment is hand-sewn in the states and has helped athletes go the distance! We carry shelters, apparel, and cooking equipment.
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Where to find us

122 E 7th St, Leadville, CO 80461

Everyday: 7am - 2pm

Wine and Beer: 5-9pm Fri-Sun

(267) 922-2922

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